World Champion Tobi Amusan and the Power of Glo 4G LTE Advanced

Tosin Amusan is a wonder to behold on the tracks. She dashes like lightning, dusting her peers and wiping past records like tabular rasa. Her appearance in any competition almost always means that the other competitors are destined to watch her back as she sprints to the finish line to breast the champion’s tape. Amusan, the World, Commonwealth and African Champion in the 100m hurdles doubles as a brand ambassador for Globacom. 


She is the star of a new television commercial where the Nigerian telecommunications giant demonstrates the exceptional experience on its newly launched Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution Advanced network, popularly known as 4G LTE Advanced

World Champion Tobi Amusan and the Power of Glo 4G LTE Advanced

World Champion Tobi Amusan and the Power of Glo 4G LTE Advanced


The Nigerian sprinter now affectionately nicknamed “Tobi Express”, who emerged the first Nigerian to win a world athletics champion to set a world record, in the 66-second television commercial unveiled recently by Globacom captures the details and values embedded in the LTE technology by Glo.


According to the advert, the technology is “faster, stronger and better”. It is faster because of the latency speed which is 50ms. (Latency speed is the time it takes before a network begins to respond to a command). It is stronger because the throughput for 4G LTE Advanced is up to 1 Gbps. The 4G LTE Advanced is also better because it allows networks to combine more than one frequency. Glo is combining three for its 4G LTE Advanced deployment.


The Glo LTE Advanced is also described as the power of three LTE data networks because it combines 3 spectrums  and available multiple LTE carriers of 700 MHz, 1,800MHz and 2,600 MHz to provide a better internet experience to subscribers.

“When you stream, it’s like you’re in the drama itself; when you make calls, you reach where others can’t; doing business is like running Wall Street from your street; and when you play, it’s like travelling the world without moving an inch. You can download in the blink of an eye in 4k; and when you go for your dreams, it’s like running with the strength of three nations behind you,” Amusan assures in the commercial.


The 4G LTE Advanced technology is a major step in the Globacom’s commitment to further actualizing its objective of empowering Nigerians for a better internet experience and more productive life. With the consistent growth of smart devices in Nigeria, the demand for bandwidth and high speed capabilities is also increasing as subscribers exchange, download and upload more videos, music and documents and use mobile applications that are bandwidth intensive.


This transformational technology translates into better and more reliable services for individuals who use large volumes of data to download videos, libraries of music and movies; as well as government and corporate organizations such as banks, oil and gas companies as well as academic and health institutions which depend heavily on reliable data connection for their operations. 


Globacom plans to deploy up to 4,000 LTE Advanced sites in heavy data consuming locations across the length and breadth of the country this year.


Connecting to the Glo 4G LTE Advanced network is a simple process: “For those who already have 4G SIMs, they will be able to enjoy the service. But for those who do not have the 4G SIMs, they first need to upgrade their SIM cards to USIM (4G SIM).


The upgrade process is also simple, as all you require is a SIM Swap, which takes two minutes. The customer also needs a device that is 4G-enabled. Then, you will experience seamless and super-fast mobile Internet services on the Glo network,” the network disclosed. It urged subscribers to visit the nearest Gloworld shop to connect to the Glo 4G LTE Advanced and enjoy the boundless opportunities offered by the advanced and superior technology. 


So, if you desire a faster, stronger and better network that guarantees speed and quality, that will enable you to win like Tobi Amusan, go for the power of three data networks in one – Glo 4G LTE Advanced is that power.


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