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Best format to record and audit pos transactions is by using the pos record app. You don’t need to ask how to calculate profit in pos business anymore. Instead the question should be are you a pos agent or you have a friend that run a pos business? IF YES THERE IS THIS APP CALLED: POS RECORD. It is a digital provision of the POS sales book. Although it’s just beyond that cause this app will help you differentiate your

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Get A Stunning WEBSITE Design And Development Service – Promo


WEBSITE WEBSITE: Just tell us the kind of website you want and we will create one for you, we create you a dynamic, professional website, which will be responsive and will easily adjust to the layout/width of any device. We’ll be glad if you can just send me a link of a website you would like your’s to look like (sample). and we will create you a website such that you don’t need to be a IT inclined to understand

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VIEW4VIEW – YouTube Views Exchange (Get Free Views) – Organic Views

YouTube Views Exchange

YouTube Views Exchange YouTube Views Exchange: It’s left for you to Purchase Views or watch other videos so as to earn coins that you can use the same coins to get views on your own videos for free. Our Features: Get Worldwide Views, Tracking of Orders, etc. Delivery Time: Once you submit your own YouTube Video, within a few minutes you start getting views on the Videos. Track Orders/Promo: You can see the statistics/progress of the order which you made.

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Adverse weather forced aircraft to fly over Aso Rock

The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has said that adverse weather conditions made two aircraft fly over Aso Rock, a segment of Nigerian airspace classified as “Prohibited Flight Zones” – DNP4.   The NCAA, in collaboration with the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA), investigated two recent incidents of violations in Abuja’s prohibited flight zones. The investigation revealed that these were controlled flights in controlled airspace that inadvertently entered restricted airspace due to adverse weather conditions.   Acting Director General of

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New Zealand prime minister hitches ride on commercial plane after his official government jet breaks down

Passengers on an Air New Zealand plane were unaware of the reason their plane made an unplanned stop on Monday, June 17 unknown to them that they were picking up the country’s prime minister after his government aircraft broke down.   New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Luxon and a group of prominent business leaders were en route to Tokyo for a summit with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. The entourage was travelling on a Royal New Zealand Defense Force plane,

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What does the world’s rarest album sound like?

5 hours ago By Tiffanie Turnbull, in Hobart, Australia Mona/Jesse Hunniford Once Upon a Time in Shaolin housed in a silver box on display in the museum Inside a delicately hand-carved silver box on display in an Australian museum lies the most exclusive, most valuable, and perhaps most infamous album in the world. And this weekend, I became one of the lucky few on the planet to have heard it. Recorded in secret over six years by trailblazing hip-hop group the Wu-Tang

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“No woman should submit to poverty and pain”

A US-based Nigerian Soft Ware Engineer, Daniel Tanimawo, has said that no woman should submit to pain and poverty.     “You don’t command a woman into submission. You give her something worth submitting to. No woman should submit to pain and poverty,” the former U.S Navy sailor wrote in a Facebook post on Monday, June 17      

Leave people alone. Marriage and kids are not for everyone

Media personality Gbemi has stated that marriage and kids are not for everyone.    The media personality who noted that people should be left alone if they want that, also disclosed that she has friends who don’t want romantic relationships and they are wonderful people.    Gbemi tweeted;    “Leave people alone . Marriage and kids are not for everyone . I have dear friends who don’t want romantic relationships and they are wonderful people . A man or woman

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Israel’s Netanyahu dissolves war cabinet after departures

14 minutes ago By Yolande Knell, BBC Middle East correspondent • David Gritten, BBC News EPA Benjamin Netanyahu had faced demands from far-right ministers to join the war cabinet Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dissolved his six-member war cabinet, a widely expected decision that follows the departure of centrist opposition leader Benny Gantz and his ally Gadi Eisenkot. A government spokesman said the pre-existing security cabinet and the larger full cabinet would make decisions about the war with Hamas in Gaza. Since Mr Gantz

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