SON: 3,235 People Have Died In Building Collapse Incidents In 12 Years

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The Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) says 3,235 people have died, 252 buildings collapsed and resources worth N3.5billion lost between 2007 to 2018 as a result of building collapse incidents in the country.

Paul Oke, head of Construction Management Unit, SON, disclosed this to NAN in Gombe on Thursday.

He said building collapse incidents were both natural and man-made disasters due to poor supervision and refusal to use certified materials, among other things.

Oke called on professional bodies to always check their members to ensure that they deliver quality work.

“A contractor/developer needs to concentrate his time and resources in these sectors in order to accomplish set goals for the client/organisation against collapse of building,” he said.

According to him, it is important to always abide by the building codes and national standards to eliminate building collapse incidents in the country.

He further advised the public to engage the services of professionals and use of standard materials for the construction of their projects.

“Incidents of collapsed buildings can, however, be reduced if not completely eliminated if relevant bodies in charge of giving approvals engage the services of experienced civil or structural engineers,” he said.

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