African elephants call each other and respond to each other by unique names, new study reveals

African elephants call each other and respond to individual names, something that few wild animals do, according to a new research published on Monday, June 10. The names are one part of elephants’ low rumbles that they can hear over long distances across the savanna. Scientists believe that animals with complex social structures and family groups that separate and then reunite often may be more likely to use individual names.   “If you’re looking after a large family, you’ve got

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Parents who missed their daughter’s graduation abroad find unique way to include themselves

  Parents who could not travel abroad for their daughter’s Master’s degree graduation found a unique way to make it look like they were there.   An X user known as General Fey bagged her second Master’s degree yesterday, Dec. 13.   Her parents, who are back home in Nigeria, dressed up and posed with a small space between them. They then asked their daughter to insert her graduation photo in the space between them using photoshop so it looked

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