“Since when does the Lamestream Media call who our next president will be’

US President Donald Trump, is still refusing to give up the US Presidency without a fight.   After losing the electoral vote to Joe Biden in the just concluded election, Trump has refused to concede, alleging high level voter fraud. He has since promised to begin an all out legal assault on the electoral results in some battleground states.     On Sunday night, November 8, Trump took to his Twitter page to write; “Since when does the Lamestream Media call

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Man starts ‘gender war’ after he tweets “I cringe at how some ladies talk to Uber drivers.You can be polite and nice. It doesn’t cost much”

A Twitter user known as captain Arinze has started a ‘gender war’ between Twitter users after he took to the social media platform to complain about how some ladies disrespectfully talk to Uber drivers.   According to the man some ladies talk to Uber drivers without regards. He added that it doesn’t cost these ladies anything to respect Uber drivers.   He tweeted “I cringe at how some ladies talk to Uber drivers.You can be polite and nice. It doesn’t

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Gay rights activist boasts about denying a man a job because he’s straight and his tweets receives support from members of the LGBTQ community

A Twitter user took to the platform to boast about rejecting a job applicant because he is not gay.   The Twitter user shared a screenshot of the chat exchanged with the job seeker. In it, the job seeker was asked about his sexual orientation and he explained that he’s straight but added that he’s not homophobic. However, he was rejected for the job because of his sexuality.   The employer later took to Twitter to report it first before the

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19-year-old Nigerian woman found dead after going missing in Florida following her tweets about being sexually assaulted

A Nigerian woman who went missing days ago in Florida, after tweeting about being sexually assaulted, has been found dead.   19-year-old Oluwatoyin Salau was last seen in a CCTV footage on June 10 at about 7:03 pm at Monroe Street, Tallahassee, Florida.      Friends and loved ones took to Twitter, asking people to help find her. Unfortunately, last night, Tallahassee Police Department announced that two women were found dead in South Wood and a suspect is in custody.

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‘The Flash’ star, Hartley Sawyer fired over racist and misogynistic tweets

Hartley Sawyer who has played Ralph Dibny a.k.a. Elongated Man on ‘The Flash’ for the past three seasons, has been fired from the CW series after his tweets containing misogynist and racist references surfaced few days ago.    Though Sawyer’s Twitter account has been deleted, his old tweets however began to circulate at the end of May. In one of the tweets from 2012, the actor wrote;     “The only thing keeping me from doing mildly racist tweets is the knowledge that Al Sharpton

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Human Rights lawyer arrested and released after he posted tweets accusing the police of undermining a rape case his clients reported

Human Rights lawyer, Martin Obono, was arrested but has now been released.   Mr Obono was arrested in Abuja for his tweets criticizing the police. After his arrest, he was taken to the Wuse Zone 3 police station.    His phones were taken away from him as he awaited interrogation.   The tweet that led to the activist’s arrest was posted two days ago. In it, Obono accused the police of trying to undermine a rape case his client reported.

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