Before you go into marriage with any man, please taste the male organ to know if it’s standing up

A Nigerian lawyer, Stella, has advised women to taste their men’s male organ before marriage to make sure erection is possible.    “BEFORE you go into MARRIAGE with ANY MAN, please TASTE that MALE ORGAN to know if it’s STANDING UP/ if ERECTION is possible. DECEIT is a GROUND for DÌVORCE in law. THE Law is not AGAINST SẸ̄X before MARRIAGE . It’s not an 0FFENCE UNDER the LAW. Please I am not CANAL. IT’S the fact,” she wrote in

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Woman shares chat that made her block her close male friend

A woman has shared the last messages she exchanged with her close male friend this holiday season before she blocked him.   In their chat, the woman is seen keeping her friend updated on her Christmas plans, including where she plans to spend the holiday.   During the chat, she invited him to her dinner party only for him to inform her that he was now in Canada.     She added that before he travelled, she saw his packed

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71-year-old male virgin has spent 55 years hiding from women by building high fence around his home

A man who remained a virgin till the age of 71 has managed to barricade himself inside his home for 55 years to avoid women.   Callitxe Nzamwita erected a 15-foot fence around his home in Rwanda to keep women and members of public away from him.   The 71-year-old admitted he was “really scared” of women coming up to his home, hence the isolation.     Despite his fear, it is local women who are keeping the man alive

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Man divorces his 14-year-old wife in Katsina for allowing male doctor attend to her during delivery

A man in Katsina State has reportedly divorced his 14-year-old wife for allowing a male medical practitioner to attend to her while giving birth to his baby, Punch reports.    The Executive Director, Nana Women and Girls Initiative, Dr. Fatima Adamu, who disclosed on Thursday, July 27, 2023, said the teenage mother had a complicated childbirth.   As a result she was rushed to the hospital where there was no female medical practitioner on the ground to attend to her. 

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The way you treated your wife when you were healthy always shows in the way she will treat you when you are sick

A Nigerian male nurse has asked married men to be weary of how they treat their wives when they are healthy because it always determines how the women would treat them when they become ill.    In a series of tweets, the Nigerian male nurse said his experience in hospital wards has shown that the only person who’s going to be by a married man’s bedside when he is sick is his wife.     Read his tweets below… 

Male students hoot at female student as she walks to meet a friend in a car (video)

Some male students have been spotted in a viral video hooting at a female student as she walked to meet a friend in a car.  Asides making weird sounds, they also shouted "happy mothers' day" repeatedly. The video is believed to have been taken at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Ghana.  Watch the video below……..      View this post on Instagram           A post shared by Lindaikejiblog (@lindaikejiblogofficial)The post Male students hoot at female student as she walks to meet a friend

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