African elephants call each other and respond to each other by unique names, new study reveals

African elephants call each other and respond to individual names, something that few wild animals do, according to a new research published on Monday, June 10. The names are one part of elephants’ low rumbles that they can hear over long distances across the savanna. Scientists believe that animals with complex social structures and family groups that separate and then reunite often may be more likely to use individual names.   “If you’re looking after a large family, you’ve got

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350 Elephants die mysteriously in Botswana

Hundreds of elephants have died mysteriously in Botswana in a matter of weeks, in what conservationists have described as a ‘conservation disaster’.   Though the cause of death is still not known, it was gathered that at least 350 elephants have died since the beginning of May in the Okavango Delta.    Botswana’s government has not yet tested the animals’ bodies for traces of poison or pathogens, but anthrax initially considered the most likely cause has been ruled out. The tusks on the carcasses were found intact,

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