Stranger lies about having sex with a Twitter user he’s never met and she blasts him after screenshots of his chat got to her

A woman has blasted a stranger on Twitter who defamed her by claiming he used to have sex with her and also accused her of being a liar, whereas they have never met before.   The Twitter user involved in the defamation made the claims while chatting with someone else who knows the woman.    Two men were chatting about Twitter and how people could easily go viral. One of the men then shared a photo of his female friend who went

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Chat shows medical doctor joking about rape and blaming women for causing rape by what they wear

A Twitter user has shared screenshots of her chat with a medical doctor. The screenshots show him joking about rape and blaming it on the way women dress.   In the chat, the doctor suggested that women should “wear agbada or caftan” to prevent rape. He added that “many times they attract it to themselves.”   When asked if he understands what rape means he joked that it’s “the act when a female seduces a male to have an erection,

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