Love – poem


Love Love: Confusion sets in when I think of it, It is rather explained by an experience, Some call it affection, Some call it care, Which brings me down to the question, What is it? Walking down the road of scriptures, It is sacrifice. Strolling through the streets of reality, It is mistaken for affection based on emotions, Which brings me down to the next question, Can emotions sustain it? It is showing care and kindness, Even when I don’t want

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The man in the mirror

The man in the mirror

Man in the mirror Man in the mirror. Am I beautiful? Can I make it in life? Will I end up being fulfilled? Can I find true love? Am I creative? Do I have talents? Am I a mistake? Will my parents ever be proud of me? Life has a way of making you doubt yourself, Sometimes you aren’t even sure of your dreams, You keep asking questions, Whose answers lies within you. You have to rise up, There is

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