Lady shares what became of her skin after she stopped bleaching

A Nigerian has shared a video showing the outcome of her skin after she stopped bleaching.    In a viral video, the lady appeared light-skinned due to ‘’bleaching,”  but became dark after she stopped using the bleaching cream on her skin.    Watch the viral video below…    

Man’s tweet goes viral after he revealed what became of his engagement ring after his girlfriend rejected his proposal

A man whose girlfriend rejected his marriage proposal decided to make the most of the situation by wearing the ring himself.   The Twitter user took to the platform to share a photo of him wearing the ring and it happened to fit perfectly.   “She said no so I’m wearing my s**t,” he captioned the photo.   However, he doesn’t plan on keeping the ring. He has asked that anyone who wants it should send him a direct message.  

“My ex and I were best friends till we got married then the hate became unexplainable” Woman narrates the incident that made her run from her marriage

A woman took to Twitter to narrate how she ran away from her marriage when it seemed like her life was on the line.   Adenike, a cosmetologist, shared her story while reacting to the death of Olamide Alli, who was murdered by her fiancé before he committed suicide over the weekend.   Adenike said in her case, her ex-husband didn’t show signs that he was capable of hurting her. She added that they had a wonderful relationship until they

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“I’ve been selling my vagina since I was 11” Rape victim who ran away from home to escape her rapist and became a prostitute shares her story (video)

A young woman who began suffering rape at age 5 and ran away from home to escape her rapist, has told of how she became a prostitute at the age of 11 to survive.   Kelly, 21, recounted how her foster father came into the sitting room drunk when she was only 5. She was watching TV with her foster mum and he asked her to follow him inside, where he proceeded to rape her.   The Skid Row sex

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64-year-old woman left in coma after sex-predator man brutally choked her till she became unconscious and raped her

A 64-year-old woman was left in a coma after she was brutally attacked by a man who choked her till she became unconscious and then raped her.    A 38 year old sex predator known as Frankie Harris, has been arrested over the weekend for the brutal attack on a 64 year old woman in New York.     Surveillance video obtained by cops shows the attacker rode past the woman on a Citi Bike, parked it between two cars

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