Long Beach police probe alleged online threats by former law enforcement officers toward Black Lives Matter activist, Shawn King

Troubling posts shared in a private Facebook group allegedly for California Law Enforcement Officers show members of the group making plans to kill Black Lives Matter activist, Shaun King.   The people who make up the private Facebook group are allegedly past and current law enforcement officers, people tasked with the duty of protecting lives. However, in their group, they expressed their hatred for Black Lives Matter activists, made plans to kill Shaun King and also spoke about how they

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“I feel violated and incredibly hurt by this discovery” Nigerian activist, Lolo Cynthia Ihesie reveals she recently discovered that she was circumcised as a child

Nigerian activist, Lolo Cynthia Ihesie has revealed that she recently discovered that she was circumcised and she was hurt by the discovery.   The former Rave TV presenter said she was teaching her younger sisters about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) when she found out that she had been circumcised when she was 3 months old.   She said her mother informed her that every woman in their family was subjected to genital mutilation.   She further explained the effect genital

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Gay rights activist boasts about denying a man a job because he’s straight and his tweets receives support from members of the LGBTQ community

A Twitter user took to the platform to boast about rejecting a job applicant because he is not gay.   The Twitter user shared a screenshot of the chat exchanged with the job seeker. In it, the job seeker was asked about his sexual orientation and he explained that he’s straight but added that he’s not homophobic. However, he was rejected for the job because of his sexuality.   The employer later took to Twitter to report it first before the

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Florida man arrested for the death of Black Lives Matter activist, Toyin Salau, confesses and reveals how he killed her

The Florida man accused of killing Black Lives Matter activist Oluwatoyin Salau has reportedly admitted to killing her and another woman.   He made this admission to his mother during a phone call. He also revealed how he killed Toyin.   49-year-old Aaron Glee Jr. was arrested after the bodies of Toyin and another woman, identified as 75-year-old Victoria Sims, were found in a home he rented in Tallahassee.   Aaron tried to flee after the murders, but police were

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So many people have been waiting to see your face, I love you Femi – Gay rights activist, Ayo says as he unveils his partner (photos)

A young Nigerian man known as Ayomide who recently admitted to being queer, has ‘unveiled’ his partner saying so many people have been eager to see his partner’s face.     Ayomide who is a chef and gay rights activist, recently came out saying he was ‘proudly gay’  He has now shared a photo of his “lover.”   Sharing the photo on his Instagram on Wednesday night, he wrote; “So many people have been waiting to see your face, I unveil it

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“You can’t oppose and support oppression at the same time” LGBTQ activist, Pamela Adie tackles those who support Blacklivesmatter campaign and also support oppression of gays

Pamela Adie, a Nigerian gay rights activist, says it is ironic for people to support the Black lives Matter campaign and in the same vain support the oppression of LGBTQs.   In a tweet posted on her handle, Pamela says oppression of any kind is the same. ”You know what’s ironic? People who say “Black Lives Matter” but support oppression of LGBTQ people. You cannot oppose oppression and support oppression at the same time. Oppression is oppression, and you’re either

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