REVIV LAGOS shares 5 reasons IV Therapy is becoming a health/wellness trend

REVIV the leading global wellness provider of intravenous nutrient therapies and booster shots recently launched in Lagos Nigeria.  Their signature IV therapies and vitamin injections are formulated to help you become the best version of you.  REVIV targets a variety of wellness needs by hydration, aiding recovery from illness or fatigue, restoring vitamin and nutrient levels, DNA testing and vaccinations.   In recent times, the health and wellness industry has become one of global interest.  Last year the industry grew to a global estimated net worth of $3.31billion.  As a front runner in the health and wellness industry REVIV shares with us 5 reasons why IV therapies are becoming a new global health and wellness trend:  I. Boosts Immunity: This is done by providing essential vitamins and minerals needed to boost immunity.  It also cleanses internal organs by detoxification, improves Immune function and strengthens the lymphatic system. II. Energy Levels Boost: IV Therapy increases energy levels  by infusing the body with a specially formulated combination of electrolytes, fluids, vitamins and antioxidants.  III.  Improves Mood: With clinically researched vitamins, REVIV booster shots aid in improving mood by regulating serotonin levels. IV.  Weight loss: As individuals hit the gym and undergo various dietary modifications with the aim of reducing some kilos, one of REVIV treatments, Slimboost increases the body’s metabolism thereby promoting weight loss. V. Skin rejuvenation: with REVIV’s signature anti-aging infusion, Vitaglow, which reverses your biological appearance, giving you that youthful look and feeling.  With the many benefits of IV Therapy it is no surprise that this is fast becoming a global health and wellness trend.  For your next intravenous nutrients therapy and booster shot make sure you stop by the REVIV LAGOS clinic at 12 Glover Road Ikoyi For more information please follow us on instagram @revivnigeria. To book your next appointment and get REVIV’D call +2349130003335 The post REVIV LAGOS shares 5 reasons IV Therapy is becoming a health/wellness trend appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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