Princess Maria Galitzine, the daughter of Archduchess of Austria has died at the age of 31 after suffering a cardiac aneurysm.


The young descendant of the last Austrian emperor was living in Houston with her chef husband Rishi Singh and their two-year-old son Maxim when she suffered a fatal cardiac aneurysm on May 4, just six days before her 32nd birthday.  


Princess Maria Galitzine of Austria dies at the age of 31 from a cardiac aneurysm


The news of her death was confirmed in an obituary in The Houston Chronicle published on Wednesday night.


The obituary read: ‘Our Maria passed away in the Houston morning of Monday, May 4th, 2020, from a sudden cardiac aneurysm.


‘She was born in 1988 to Prince and Princess Piotr Galitzine in the city of Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.’


The mother-of-one was laid to rest last Friday in Houston. 


Born on 11 May 1988 in Luxembourg City, Princess Maria was the daughter of Prince Piotr Galitzine, a Russian aristocrat, and Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria, the daughter of the Archduke Rudolf of Austria, who was the youngest son of Emperor Charles I of Austria and Empress Zita of Bourbon-Parma (the last Emperor and Empress of Austria).  


She was one of six children, with three sisters and two brothers, Princess Xenia, Princess Tatiana, Princess Alexandra, Prince Dimitri and Prince Ionn Teimouraz. 





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