The Image below shows:


A part not all of the basic students applying for medicine.

1000 students applying for Medicine and Surgery alone and so sad to say about 30-40 will be admitted and others might be given various courses which match their cut-off marks or points.

Below are the Cut Off for each Dept/Faculties.

S/NO.                         DEPT/FACULTIES                                           MARK(%)

1                                   Electrical Engineering                                       65%

2                                   Mechanical Engineering                                  60%

3                                   Chemical Engineering                                      60%

4                                   Gas/Petroleum Engineering                          60%

5                                   Civil Engineering                                                55%

6                                   Enviromental Engineering                             55%

7                                   All Departments in College of Health Science (Medicine,Anatomy,Physiology)65%

8                                  Pharmacy                                                               65%

9                                  All Depts. In Science                                          55%

10                                All Depts. In Agriculture                                  50%.

NOTE: The First 10% will be admitted strictly on merit.

The remaing 90% will be admitted on a 70:30 ELDS: NON ELDS. Ratio ELDS Educationally, Less developed states.(E.g Cross River,Ebonyi,Rivers, Bayelsa etc.)

NON ELDS None Educationally less Developed States(E.g Akwa-ibom, Abia,Imo,Delta,etc.)

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