Nigerian lady cries out over being unmarried at 39 and battling a spirit husband

I know people will come under this post and laugh and some may not know that they are in the same predicament. This life is very spiritual and most Africans are suffering from this type of predicament and they are not aware. So many african ancestors gave their lineage to a particular deity and God is a respecter of Convenant. You can be married and still be afflicted with this…sometimes these things don’t stop you from getting married but they make sure that you are miserable in that marriage by plaguing it with poverty, bareness, quarrels, violence etc.
Now how can you deal with this; this is a spiritual battle so first give your life to Christ fully, immerse yourself in spirit filled sermons, do deliverance prayers they’re many online, pray to receive the HolySpirit with evidence of speaking in tongues then when you have the HolySpirit ask questions pertaining this issue “how do I break this Convenant” and He’ll tell you how. Everyone’s path to breaking a spiritual Convenant is different that is why you need the HolySpirit and to have a personal relationship with God. This goes beyond church relationship, you need to know God for yourself. Listen to sermons, pray in tongues and speak to God. In God’s word it is written “ask and I will show you great and unsearchable things which thou knowest not” these are one of the things that you need to ask God to reveal to you. Also a good way to hear the voice of God clearer is through fasting not 1 or 2 days but fast till you get an answer. You can also read this book- redeeming your bloodline by Hrvoje Sirovina.
Anyone who is afflicted with this I pray God helps you and gives you complete deliverance. It is well with you. Do not be afraid, there is nothing God cannot do just hold the faith and be steadfast with your walk with Him. God bless you

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