Maradona criticises Messi (indicate faults)

Argentina’s Diego Maradona has taken a jibe (A jibe can also be an insulting remark as another way to spell gibe. If someone directs that kind of jibe at you,) at compatriot Lionel Messi for his absence at the Best FIFA Footbal Awards held in Zurich on Monday . He also reproached Barça players for not attending the event.

Maradona who still has not been able to deal well with the success and talent of Messi said:

“I’m disappointed with Messi, from watching television at home you cannot fight anything or anyone — here you can fight,” Maradona told Televisión Española.

“I do not know why Barcelona did not come to such an important event. They have priorities and the priority was for Leo not to come. I think coming here [Zurich] they could fight more than they would in Barcelona.”


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