How Long Is the Westworld Season 2 Premiere?

How Long Is the Westworld Season 2 Premiere?
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This season, HBO is going to treat us to a few extra long episodes of Westworld. And much to fans’ delight, the show is premiering tonight with a longer episode. HBO has been known to be kind to its viewers like this before. The last season of Game of Thrones featured a few extra long episodes too, as did the Season 1 finale of Westworld. Read on to find out how long tonight’s episode is going to be, along with the plans for future episode lengths this season. After you watch the premiere tonight, come back to this story and take our poll at the end, letting us know what you thought about the premiere. 

Episode Lengths for ‘Westworld’

Tonight’s Season 2 premiere of Westworld is going to air from 9 p.m Eastern to 10:15 p.m. Eastern. That means the episode will air for an extra 15 minutes. This extra 15 minutes includes trailers and credits. Technically, the episode is one hour and nine minutes long.

Expect more super-sized episodes to come. There will be 10 episodes total this season, and here is what HBO has publicly shared so far about the episodes’ lengths:

  • Episode 1, “Journey Into the Night”: The premiere will air from 9 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. Eastern
  • Episode 2, “Reunion”: Run time 58:34
  • Episode 3, “Virtu e Fortuna”: Run time 58:46
  • Episode 4, “The Riddle of the Sphinx”: Run time 1:11:25
  • Episode 5, “Akane No Mai”: Run time 58:17
  • Episode 10, Finale: The finale will be 90 minutes long

Looking Back at Season 1 of ‘Westworld’

When Season 1 left off, Dolores had taken on the mantle of Wyatt, with Teddy by her side, and shot and killed a lot of staff/board members at Ford’s retirement (which was also the introduction of a new narrative.) In the end, she shot and killed Ford, just like she had shot and killed Arnold all those years earlier. It appeared that Arnold’s bicameral mind script worked and, at the very end, she realized the voice in her head was her own (not Arnold) and she gained sentience.

And in the middle of that unexpected shootout, William (aka The Man in Black) was shot in the arm. But he smiled, as if he was happy that he could finally be hurt in this world. Perhaps he finally found the end of the “maze” after all.

Meanwhile, Maeve also appeared to be gaining sentience as she began controlling all the hosts, released old hosts from cold storage, and began killing many of the staff in her attempt to escape. But rather than escaping, she decided to go back and find her daughter. It’s unclear at the end if she was autonomous or working off a narrative. Someone named Arnold had coded changes into her, including an escape narrative that involved infiltrating the mainland. Most fans think this was Ford coding under the name of Arnold, in homage to his former partner. It’s unclear how much of what Maeve has done has been her own thoughts vs. part of Ford’s narrative.

There’s also the question of whether Elsie is alive or dead, and what will happen to Bernard. Before Ford told Bernard to shoot himself, he realized that he was a host (and he still had the drive to help the other hosts become free.) There’s also the business of a possible competitor trying to break in and find Delos’ secrets.

All in all, there are a lot of questions that need answering. Even if we get those answers, they will likely open up even more questions.

After you watch the premiere, take our poll below and let us know what you thought about the episode. 

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