Girlfriend Blindfolds Lover During Sex and Cuts Off His Manhood for Planning to Marry Another Woman

A rejected or abandoned woman cut off her lover’s p*nis with a gardening tool before running down the street with it after he told her he was marrying someone else.


It was gathered that the woman was pained after finding out he was planning to wed another woman. So she hatched a plan to stop him sleeping with the other woman by luring him to her home for sex, but after blindfolding the 23-year-old, she grabbed a sickle and slashed off his privates.


However, the victim who was left in pain failed to tell his parents the truth as he told them he cut off his own manhood in order to cover for the girl. The incident happened at his girlfriend’s home nearby in Naugawan Darshan Singh, India.


A police officer said: ‘He told doctors he cut his privates on his own.’ The unnamed couple had been going out together for around four years.


Kotwali police chief Anil Upadhya said: ‘A case of attempted murder is being registered against a 20-year-old girl who is a neighbour of the victim.


‘They loved each other but the boy’s marriage was fixed with some other girl as both their parents had some caste issue.


‘It is due to this that the girl executed the act, revealed our primary investigation.’


‘The girl was in a relationship with the youth for three to four years.


‘She was unhappy as the boy’s marriage was arranged with another girl of his own caste from the same village.


‘The girl invited the victim to her residence and cut off his private part using a reaping hook under the pretext of having a physical relation.’


She has been arrested and faces an attempted murder.


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