The life of this young girl has just been turned upside down after her entire savings was destroyed in a fire outbreak at Suame Magazine in Kumasi, Ghana. Jennifer Kolog, a poor girl, has had to sell sachet water on the streets after her father died, leaving her without a sponsor. All her savings amounted to 1,100 Ghana cedis.
Sadly, she went to withdraw them all two days ago in preparation for a journey to Northern Ghana where she hoped to continue her education, but a fire broke out on the same day in the slum where she lived, destroying most of the houses in the area, Jennifer’s house included.

Jennifer moved from Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region in search of a better life after she lost her father. She completed her junior high school education and got admission to study general science, but she could not attend due to lack of funds. Still Jennifer nursed the ambition of becoming a nurse and she saved to that effect.

The house Jennifer lived in with her one-year-old child was not hers, she was squatting with a man who was not her husband because she had nowhere else to stay and now even the place she was managing has been lost. Sad!

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