THE police have arrested an engineer for bundling a man into stop around 7Up, the police were shocked to find Daniel Dabis, with his legs and hands tied to his back, at the back of the Hilux. During preliminary investigation, Odunaga claimed that Dabis stole his money in his Abuja home and fled to Lagos. He said he was taking Dabis, who he described as his office assistant, back to Abuja before the police stopped him. He said: “I have been searching for him all over the place. The search took me to his village in Plateau State.

It was one of his friends that told me he was in Lagos where he was hiding. Precisely, I was hinted he was staying at Mile 12 Market, Ketu. I drove down from Abuja and I met him at Mile 12 Market, Ketu, where I picked him up. “Initially, I had taken him down to Ketu Divisional Police Station, Lagos, to report the matter, but the officers at the station declined to detain him there.

So, I had no option than to take him back to Abuja”. Odunuga, who lives at Pent City Estate, Abuja, added: “That was what I was trying to do before I was accosted by the police team on routine patrol under the Ketu/Ojota flyover.” But Dabis said: “What I took from him were a ladder and a wheel barrow.

He is estimating the cost of the wheel barrow at N110,000 and the ladder, N90,000, that is all I took from him. He has because of that tied my legs and hands to my back. His plans were to drive me to Abuja. If not for the officers, he would have killed me and dumped my body at the road side.”

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