Emergency management (Increase wind pressure in port harcourt) (Electric poles falls at houses)

Events of recent times indicates change in climate in the city of port harcourt.

A third quarter of 2016 experience a great deal of damage due to increase wind pressure during rain fall, most commonly are damages of public sign posts,roofs, and especially electric poles. All of the mention are heavy weigth item that can be inflict major injuries and damage as has been the case since the exception of the phenomenon(a fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen.) May 2016 marked one death at Ada George collapsed of thirteen (13) poles streched, Ada George 2, and a multitude of sign posts this fiqure excludes streets.

The rainfall of 23th january 2016 through date has marked an even more increase disaster.

My observation and recommendation is that a drastic emergency measure be taken by the gov’t to mitigate( less severe, serious, or painful) the risk.

The most dangerous and vulnerable of the phenomenon are the electric poles it has been confirmed and prooven by way of critical analysis that they commonly use concrete poles are sub-standardly built and sub-standardly installed.

Even the most recently or newly installed electric poles are also experiencing the damages as well, giving proof here of that the quality of poles been used does not meet the standard for the new weather condition, we are likely to be experiencing this on a regular basics which poises treat to more live and properties.

Proper emergency management calls for mitigating a risk rather than managing a disaster. I here by call to the attention of the government to cease the further sells and installation of all concrete poles for electrical installation and seek a professional advice from the Nigeria society of Engineers on a better quality that will meet the standard of the recent weather condition. This safety measure which may also include an imitate dismounting of all already functioning sub-standard poles, illegal and sub-standard sign posts (bill boards). A new order for all housing property owners to fortify their roofs.

I think this measures as safer and less expensive than building refuge centers and creating food allowances for the potential diseases and sponsoring of mass burials.

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