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Cinco Ways To Drink Cinco Equis This Cinco De Mayo from Dos Equis and

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Cinco de Mayo is all about overcoming overwhelming odds. This year is no different, as the fifth of May overcame six other days to land on a Saturday, the holiest of party days.

And that’s not all – our friends at Dos Equis have cranked their equis levels all the way to cinco and, along with our other friend Blake Anderson, have put together a list of cocktails perfect for the occasion.

Since it is a Saturday, here are five cocktails to get the fiesta empezado, no matter what time of day you decide to celebrate.
NOTE: Dos Equis is a totally acceptable Cinco Equis substitute.

Maybe you work the night shift, or maybe you’re an overachiever who gets a jumpstart on everything – who are we, the judge police? Either way, this combo of Cinco Equis and orange juice will give you the swift kick in the shame you need to run outside and yell at the sun, “Vitamin D? How about Vitamin Deez Nuts!”Remember, if you’re out of Cinco Equis, Dos Equis is a perfect substitute.

12 oz Cinco Equis (Dos Equis® Lager Especial)
5 oz orange juice

Fill a pint glass with ice. You have a pint glass, right?
Pour in Cinco Equis until glass is ⅔ full. We always see the glass as ⅔ full.
Top with orange juice.

Bloody Mary? You mean the woman in the mirror at sleepovers? Child, please. This spicy take on a Mexican classic will make you ditch Bloody Mary for good. It’s for the best; she’s a real piece of work.

10 oz Cinco Equis (Dos Equis® Lager Especial)
5 oz Clamato
Juice of 1 lime
1 Additional lime
4 dashes hot sauce
2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
2 dashes soy sauce
Chili lime seasoning

On a plate – or countertop, we don’t know how you live – sprinkle out the chili lime seasoning. Rim a pint glass with a lime wedge and dip the rim of the glass in the seasoning.
Pour in the Clamato (shut up, it’s great).

Add the hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and lime juice.

Fill the remainder of the glass with ice cold Cinco Equis. What’s cooler than being cool? Cinco Equis.

Sprinkle any remaining chili lime seasoning on top of the drink. Garnish with a lime wedge.


It’s midday. The sun is blazing hot, it’s fury from your earlier taunts enacting sweet revenge on you. You need to pace the day or else you’re going to be in full siesta mode until El Seis de Mayo. This recipe will keep you light and bright and ready to take on the night. You hear that nighttime? We’re coming for you next, pal!

4 oz Dos Equis® Lager Especial Lager
4 oz frozen lemonade concentrate
4 oz vodka
4 oz water

In a cocktail tumbler, pour in the frozen lemonade concentrate. Add vodka, then water, then beer.

Stir mixture.

Pour into a chilled pint glass over ice.


Whether you are toasting the winning horse or cursing the winning horse, this is a great drink to throw back with some food. If you’re into food. If you’re not into food, throw it back with some art. Get some culture for once.

6 oz Cinco Equis (Dos Equis® Lager Especial)
1.5 oz rum
3 oz ginger beer
1 tsp blue agave

Add ice to a highball glass, then pour in rum.

Add ginger beer.

Add Cinco Equis. The extra equis make it equisceptional.

Top with blue agave and stir.

Drink. That’s the whole point.

other can.jpg

It’s been a long day of celebrating and now it’s time to get sultry. The paloma is a classic Mexican cocktail and this version combines it with an ice cold Cinco Equis.

3 oz Cinco Equis (Dos Equis® Lager Especial)
1 oz reposado Tequila
3 oz Grapefruit Soda
Grapefruit peel, for garnish

Salt the rim of a highball glass, then fill with ice.

Add tequila, then soda, then Cinco Equis. Or if you have three hands, everything at once.

Garnish with grapefruit peel.

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