A doctor made a mistake in prescribing drugs – Funny Jokes

Funny Jokes A doctor made a mistake and unknowingly prescribed his patient a powerful laxative instead of cough drops. – At the end of the week the patient comes back for a check-up. The doctor asks him: “So how’s it going, Mr. Kowalski? Do you still cough a lot?” – The patient, who’s been sitting there very rigidly, looks at him with wide eyes, “No. I’m afraid to.” Source: https://short-funny.com/

The Old Woman with Peanuts – Funny Joke

A old lady always travels the same route on a bus. Over time, she became friendly with the driver and she’d always bring him a nice little bag of peanuts. The bus driver was enjoying the nuts at first, but after a few days he said to the lady, “Come on, Mrs. Bilker, it’s really nice of you, I’m loving the peanuts, but please stop bringing me so much, have some for yourself.” “Ah, no bother young man,” laughs the

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