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An Earnest Breakdown of Kanye’s Latest Tweets from Darren Miller

An Earnest Breakdown of Kanye's Latest Tweets from Darren Miller
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Everyone is getting pretty worked up over Yeezy’s latest tweetstorm, and I’m just as alarmed as anyone. But amidst the chaos, the man himself tweeted something that made me stop and think for a second:

So if our conclusion here is that Kanye West is no longer great, we must first make sure he is not misunderstood.

What follows is an earnest attempt to clearly understand Kanye West’s most genuinely confusing tweets of the last two days, in an attempt to ease our minds, or panic more confidently.

Okay let’s break this down. The first sentence is pretty straightforward, as long as you assume he means “free thinkers don’t fear retaliation for their thoughts.”But I think he wrote it that way on purpose, to introduce the “them vs. you” distinction he further explores next:

The traditional thinkers are only using thoughts and words but they are in a mental prison. You are free.

So traditional thinkers get stuck because they fear retaliation? And since you don’t, you won’t get trapped in the same prison? And if you move in love, not fear, you’ll be free and afraid of nothing?

…I think?

Choose love over fear and internal insecurity and you can truly be a free thinker.

Remaining Questions For Kanye

  • When you say, “The traditional thinkers are only using thoughts and words,” is that different than free thinkers?
  • You say “but they are in a mental prison,” not and. Is their exclusive adherence to thoughts and words normally advantage, with this more important downside? Please advise.
  • You’ve said you support Trump because he’s a free thinker like yourself. Does his, as you call it “dragon energy”make it okay for his actions and policies to destroy millions of lives all over the world? Just like, in your opinion.

The next highlight is a string of tweets that really demands to be unpacked all at once:


Okay so this is actually a brilliant roller coaster of tweets. Each one builds on the logic of the last til you arrive at a monumental surprise ending. Here it is step by step:

  • To live with fear instead of love, you need to strategize (to avoid the judgement of others; see above);
  • To avoid strategy, your thought process must become unfocused; directionless. The opposite of a spreadsheet;
  • Spreadsheets are business tools, and Ye can burn spreadsheets and still be a successful businessman. After all, Yeezy VC invests in and develops food, clothing, shelter, and communications. That’s a lot of stuff.

To be a free thinker, you must literally free your thoughts. And once again it’s important that you know that Yeezy VC invests in and develops food clothing shelter and communications.

Remaining Questions for Kanye

  • What exactly does it mean to invest in or develop “communications”?
  • Trump called into Fox And Friends today and said “We’re doing very well with North Korea and we’ll see how it all comes out.” Do you think it’d be best for him to avoid “linear thinking” and “strategy” in his approach to avoiding nuclear war?

This one’s pretty straightforward. He’s definitely practicing what he preaches here in terms of decentralized free thinking.

By the way, prominent Bernie Sanders supporter, Susan Sarandon, owns a ping pong club. I can’t help but think that if they can somehow come together over a game of ping pong, it’d be a big win for humanity. I mean, the club’s slogan is literally “United by ping pong.” Just sayin’.

This one sounds ridiculous at first, but then when you think about it, it’s not confusing at all and totally makes sense. If people don’t agree with you first, you will most likely disagree with them in return.

It’s poetic, really. This guy should write lyrics.

Fuck. This one’s hard.

Okay so the big thing that really trips you up here is the use of conscience vs. subconscious vs. conscious. Are there mistakes? The crazy thing is that overall, the meaning of this is very similar to the first time we thought he may be using the wrong similar word (see above), but again I believe his word choice is consistently purposeful (and honestly? Kinda genius).

Your conscience usually makes you second guess your subconscious feelings, and suppresses them, but really, it should allow you to vocalize them more often. People are too insecure and afraid of what other people will think to honestly express their feelings, and thus their actions don’t end up reflecting those feelings.

Whoa. I think I nailed that one.

Remaining Questions for Kanye

  • None. I finally understand. I am a free thinker. I am decentralized. I am bitcoin. Thank you, Kanye. Very cool.

Okay now that we truly understand him, I think it’s safe to say that Mr. West, despite being a very clever writer, is exhibiting excessively irresponsible and dangerous behavior! Not great! Sad!

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