Actress Jane Fonda recalls seeing Michael Jackson stark naked during a skinny dipping session in 1980

American actress, Jane Fonda has recalled seeing the late Michael Jackson stark naked during a skinny dipping session in 1980.


On Monday’s (15 May) episode of Watch What Happens Live, the acting legend appeared alongside her Book Club: The Next Chapter co-stars Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen to promote their new movie.


During the show, Fonda, 85, was chosen to play host Andy Cohen’s “Plead the Fifth” game, in which he asks guests three questions and they can only plead the fifth for one question.


While playing, Cohen, 54, asked Fonda, 85, to name “one man in Hollywood that tried to pick you up once that you turned down.”



“The French director René Clément,” Fonda replied without missing a beat.


“Was it a sloppy pass?” Cohen asked, with a chuckle.


“Well, he wanted to go to bed with me because he said the character had to have an orgasm in the movie and he needed to see what my orgasms were like. He said it in French and I pretended I didn’t understand,” the two-time Academy Award-winning actress revealed.


She added with a smile: “I have stories for you kid, we don’t have time,” as Cohen shook his head in disbelief.


“This is what it’s like sitting around with them,” Steenburgen, 70, then said, as Fonda and Bergen, 77, laughed. “They do this all day long.”

Fonda then dropped the bombshell.


“I saw Michael Jackson naked,” she shared as Cohen’s jaw fell open.


“Okay, I’m listening,” he said, as he leaned in closer to the star. “Where’d you see him naked?”


“Well he came and visited me when we were shooting On Golden Pond and I had a little cottage right on the lake and it was a beautiful moonlit night,” Fonda explained.


“And you said let’s skinny dip,” Cohen suggested. “No he did!” Fonda corrected.


She continued: “I think because he knew he was going to die young and I would talk about him, being naked,” while everyone cracked up. “He was skinny!” she revealed.


Cohen replied: “I’m not going to ask anything else about it to be respectful of Michael.”


Michael died at the age of 50 in 2009 from a cardiac arrest he suffered after having had propofol administered as a sleep aid. 

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