Marriage Tips:-The Different Behaviours That Women Exhibit That Act As Poison To A Marriage

Tips on how to avoid Being a poison in your marriage.

Most people think that the most difficult part about marriage is finding the person that you love and being lucky enough to be with them forever but that’s just the first part to it. You might marry the one that you love and after marriage, they turn into someone else.

In comes the seemingly ‘bad wife’. More often than not, she’s not like that before marriage but due to the pressures of marriage (whatever they may be), she becomes a completely different person – a villain, causing trouble in her home, for herself and for her husband. The most interesting thing of it all is the fact that no woman wants to admit or believe that she can be defined as a ‘bad wife.’ But one thing is for sure: A woman who constantly finds fault with her husband, refuses to have sex with him and is always looking for a fight… that woman is well on her way to destroying her own home.

There are different behaviors that women exhibit that act as poison to a marriage:

An ungrateful heart:

There are women who never stop complaining… they never see anything good in their man and they would never stop blaming their husband for one thing or the other. Rather than looking for too much in him, why not work together with him to make up the life that will be best for you both.

Instead of complaining, show him what you want from him and go the extra mile to help him achieve it. If romance is what you want, then start by planning the dates just as you would like it and make it great for him too. Chances are that he would pick up on it and reciprocate too. When a woman learns to appreciate her man, it can change the way she sees him and the way she sees her entire marriage.

Needing to change your man:

The need to change things or to change people stems from a place of not accepting things as they are. Women are most guilty of this. We want people to understand and accept us for who we are but we won’t take out time to try and understand them also. Rather than waste so much time trying to change what you probably can’t, why not learn to accept and overlook things.

Accept your man just as he is, accept your marriage for what it is and love it just as it is. Be sincere about understanding the core of who he is so you wouldn’t find his flaws to be irritating or upsetting. Most importantly, remember that you are not at all perfect and you also have flaws that might be upsetting to him as well.

Your role in your sex life:

If you’re the kind who would always refuse to indulge in your husband’s needs and who would withhold sex from him as a form of punishment and torture, then you are only cheating your marriage which involves you. Instead of holding yourself back from good sex, why not work hard with him to achieve it for your relationship? If you’ve tried to show your husband how you like it and he isn’t getting it, then it’s your job to do something about it.

Work on figuring out what your problems are in the bedroom and fix it.

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