Meghan Makle’s Look Alike:Lady claims To Be Mistaken For Meghan makle regularly(photo)

When last month Meghan Markle glided down the aisle at Saint George’s Chapel, it was a treat to watch. The whole world tuned in to watch the Royal Wedding. Women from all over the world wished to trade places with her. Mostly because she looked surreal in the wedding gown. Her beauty was the limelight of the wedding.

Woman mistaken as Meghan Markle


Girls wish to have the beauty like her. But there is this woman, who claims to be naturally looking like Meghan Markle. And it is not only her, she is actually mistaken why people as Meghan on an average of 4 times a day.

Woman mistaken as Meghan Markle

Danielle Harris, living in Scottsdale, Arizona, looks exactly like the California-born duchess. This 33-year-old was first informed 4 years ago by her friend about her physical similarities with the Hollywood sweetheart, Meghan Markle.

Woman mistaken as Meghan Markle

At that time this woman wasn’t very conscious about the fact, as Meghan was not a much-renowned actress, and the impact of their resemblance was very minimal.

Woman mistaken as Meghan Markle

But later on, when Meghan Markle started dating Prince Harry, Danielle found herself mistaken as her and stopped at the streets. She reported that on an average she is mistaken and stopped by strangers, four times a day, thinking her to be Meghan Markle and asking to click pictures with her.

Woman mistaken as Meghan Markle


But it is not only at the streets. This woman shared her story how once in a Gucci store she and her husband were made to wait so that the sales associates could have a look at her and meet with her. She explained, “It was so funny.”

Woman mistaken as Meghan Markle

She also told the media that she wished she could have $5 each time someone confused her to be Meghan Markle, she could have been so rich in the last 12 months. She shared that she is just happy and flattered to be compared with such a wonderful woman.

Woman mistaken as Meghan Markle

She also told that they both are mixed race and she has freckles just like Meghan. For her, it is a huge compliment because she herself is a big fan of Meghan Markle, and she just responded with a smile when someone tells her they are so look alike.

It is really difficult to tell the two apart. Danielle obviously is on the good side of the coin, because not only does she gets all the attention and privileges from the confusion, but also she can lead an ordinary life, which the royal duchess has now given up.

  1. Woman mistaken as Meghan Markle

But then again on the bright side, Prince Harry’s bank balance and family reputation is something worth to be sacrificed for.

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